Michael Grimm

Michael Grimm

Over the last 12 years I have participated in the acquisition, growth, and sale of several companies, for myself and others.

For NASCAR I performed product viability tests, engineered and developed growth funnels, and helped raise capitol from investment firms.

In the resort industry I developed best in class enterprise software, rebranded resorts, and built marketing campaigns for every medium available.

I have been a consultant, trainer, and keynote speaker for various industries in pursuit of business development.

My network is diverse. After helping many businesses grow I have established a relationships with a broad range of experts.

If you are interested in working together feel free to contact me at (8l8) 253-I762.

 Current Projects:

Local Media Network

I’m building a self-funded local media network hoping to leverage it into a REIT network of lakeside founder retreat centers.

Extensive focus for this project is going into platform development, local media, publishing, and advertising.

3½ hours south of D.C. and 1½ hours north of the Raleigh/Durham Research Triangle Park are two lakes spanning two states and a dozen counties.

It’s presently composed of four of the top area websites and currently serving between 30,000 – 50,000 unique visits per month.

I’m expanding the network of site locations through 2021 and expanding revenue opportunities through 2022.


Startup Founders Community

The primary product is a community for early-stage founders who’ve received some funding and are running out of runway, who may have had a failed launch, or who are struggling to gain traction, to identify issues and iterate so they can relaunch with confidence.

The primary focus is drilling down on user personas and getting a better understanding of who their audience is and how to serve them.

Future product development include courses, cohorts, and tools for developing better insights.