26% of all startups fail in their first 24 months, due to some misunderstanding of their audience. Be it lack of ability to get solid product market fit, or to communicate effectively in their marketing.

Our solution, relaunch, is a focused community for early-stage founders who’ve had a failed launch or are struggling to gain traction – to identify issues, and iterate – so they can relaunch with confidence.

The primary focus is drilling down on user personas and getting a better understanding of who their audience is and how to serve them.

Our approach is a lean community based product model that myopically focuses on nailing down audience insights for stronger user personas.

Elevator Pitch
Getting traction is hard

It’s why 26% of All startups Fail in their first 24 months.

Founders who are Pre product market fit, and can’t get traction, need a support network.

Because if they don’t have anywhere to go for help they resort to subreddits or LinkedIn groups, where the advice is intermittent, and lacking.

relaunch is a focused community of ambitious founders working together to get traction.

On the backend we offer paid, 8-week small group accelerators to drill down on audience insights to develop stronger user personas.